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Mat used to cover the bed or spread on the floor. Instantly it allows you to create a large and comfortable place for all sorts of practices in bondage.

To the mat you can fasten with velcro four anchor pads. And each of them allows you to attach, using a carabiner, handcuffs (or other accessories) making it possible to effectively and quickly restrain your partner.

Thanks to the matyou can quickly prepare a large and comfortable space for practicing bondage - binding, restraint, lashing and others.


Pads can be adjusted to every position you wanna be restrained in.

They are made of strong velcro and can withstand even strong pulls. At the same time it takes merely seconds to switch position in them.


Mat is equipped with straps that you use to place the mat on the bed.


Great thing for all bondage lovers, allowing for lots of positions and restraining methods.



soft mat- you can even place on the bed for a whole year straight

washable in washing machine

includes: mat, four pads with velcro, four bands for wrists and ankles' restraining, DVD with instructions.

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