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  • Autoblow 2 Masturbator & Sleeve A

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Masturbator with sleeve- Size A- small.


Blowjobs for as long you want and how often you want and when you want.

The newest masturbator simulating oral sex.


Interchangeable sleeves come in 3 sizes to accommodate all men.

Sleeves are made from realistic artificial skin material. Sleeves are easy to clean and hygienic.


Masturbator has a tight grip onced put on the pens- it resembleslips.


What you need to know:

1. Autoblow  doesn't need batteries. Just plug it into any electrical outlet and enjoy strong sensations, unachievable but mere batteries.

2. Sleeves are easy to clean and change, and come in 3 sizes.

3. Hands are free. Just hold it in place, and it will do all the hard work for you. You control the speed and intensity of the motorized up/down stroking motion.

4. Simulates oral sex perfectly. One ofthe most realistic products for men on the market.

5. Robust construction: durable materials designed to last for 500+ hours of use.

6. Hygienic: The interchangeable sleeves can be easily cleaned using soapy water, or a toy cleaner.



Size: 22.9 cm x 10.7 cm

Size:A: 7,5-10 cm girth, all lengths

Size B: 10-14 cm girth, all lengths

Size C: 14-16 cm girth, all lengths


You just need Autoblow, lots of lube and you're ready for sensations almost as god as during real oral sex. Some even say this one is better.


That's why it doesn't have vibration modes- this way it resembles the real thing the best. And by the way, you really don't need it with this device...

After each use, wash the sleeve, dry it completely and keep in a dry closed pouch.

Just plug it into any electrical outlet (110v-240v). Don't worry, we've designed it to be safe. But remember not to use it in a bathtub or while taing a bath. Charger changes 220V into 12 V so there s no need to wirry while using.

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